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This Will Be Our Year. project 07

This Will Be Our Year is a rock and roll Greek tragedy where a meet-cute devolves into the romantic ruin of two smart, funny, but morally ambiguous people. 


Meet Hugo. Millions of girls want him. He could have any of them. But he wants Gen.
Meet Gen. She’s not a people person. That is until she meets a certain person. And she wants Hugo.  Hugo and Gen are perfect together, but can’t be together. Year after year they keep trying and it just might kill them. Watch them destroy each other.

written by. Ali MacLean

directed by. Jason Weiss

date. May 15, 2020

cast. Megan Duffy, Ben Huth, Ali MacLean, Wes MaGee, Rob Nagle, and Jenny Soo

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Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 9.50.41 AM.png
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